~ Magical Faerie Boutique ~

~ Dwarven & Faeries Story ~ 

Faerie Grandmother has recently met with the Dwarven King and Queen, who traveled to Faerie Land to speak with her.  They have asked Faerie Grandmother to help them make contact with the mortal realm!

King Elberich and Queen Helgalina are very shy. It's been centuries since their highly prized, much sought after Dwarven Metal Work has been seen by humans, yet they feel the time has come to begin to reintroduce their work to Humankind.

One of the most highly prized items that they have brought to us are their Forever Roses.
True Love is eternal, and the Dwarven symbol for this Undying Love is a Forever Rose.

Each Forever Rose has been lovingly handcrafted by Queen Helgalina herself. With great care, she has wrought beautiful Roses in Copper, attached to a Brass stem, and she has designed them in four stages of growth.

~ Dwarven Forever Roses ~

The first is a Rosebud,
symbol of new love, with the potential for more. It is a Rosebud.

The second is Half Opened,
symbolizing the growing relationship. 
This Rose has two layers of petals.

The third is Love in Full Bloom,
a Fully Opened Rose.  
This Rose has three layers of petals.

The fourth is the Queen Rose,which has flowered and sprouted a leaf, symbolizing the depth of Love throughout time.  This Rose has Five layers of petals, plus the Leaf.

~ Dwarven Cutlery~ 

Folding Butterfly Fork

Folding Butterfly Spoon

~ Faerie Nectar Honey Sticks ~ 

Blossom Bundles contain a mix of all flavors.

Blackberry Blossom
Clover Blossom
California Coriander Blossom
Meadowflower Blossom
California Orange Blossom
Raspberry Blossom
Sage Blossom
Yellow Star Thistle Blossom
Hawaiian Wildflower Blossom
North American Wildflower Blossom

All of the flavored honey straws are non-colored OU Kosher!

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